Omfattende sortiment af kanalprofiler

Omfattende sortiment af kanalprofiler

FabricAir offers a wide selection of custom duct profiles in addition to the round and D-shaped classics. When standard profiles won’t suit your application, our engineers tailor the air dispersion system to your specific needs. The ducts are made-to-order at our manufacturing facility in Lithuania, thus each order is tailor-made to your specific application.

We also engineer a suitable suspension system for your application, based on our cable, T-rail or H-rail suspension types. 

FabricAir dispersion systems are fully customizable and can be tailored to your specific needs. 

A FabricAir Dispersion System is customized to the specific project by in-house air engineering experts.

FabricAir-luftfordelingssystemer har ingen af de begrænsninger hvad angår bøjninger, reduktioner og sidekanaler, som gør sig gældende for konventionelle metalkanaler. 

FabricAir round duct is the most commonly used duct profile and is typically found in open ceiling applications. The duct diameter can be made as small or as big as required.

Half-round duct can be used when there is a hard ceiling to attach to. This duct profile is typically used because there is not enough head room to install a round duct or to make the duct... Read more

The Semi-oval duct can be used when there is a hard ceiling to attach to. Typically this profile is used when there is not enough head room to allow for the use of a Half-round duct. 

The FabricAir rectangular duct is a fully customizable duct option. This duct profile is typically required if there is not enough space to fit a round duct. The duct is available in all flow... Read more