Hjem - Stylish, corrosion free solution with a high comfort level, Izmir Arena, Turkey

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Kunde eller projektnavn Izmir Arena
Land Turkey
Jobkategori Public
År 2012
Tektilvariant Combi 20
Farvenavn Light Grey
Samlet luftmængde 20.000 m³/h
Flowmodeller NozzFlow™


Izmir Arena needed a lightweight, corrosion-free solution that would not have negative impacts on the acoustics of the concert venue.

Izmir Arena is one of the leading venues for concerts and large scale events in Turkey. It is situated on the banks of the Izmir Gulf and consists of 16.000m2 of outdoors areas and 2.200m2 of indoor facilities.
They needed an air dispersion system which was lightweight, due to the roof structure, corrosion-free, due to the vicinity of the sea, and which would not have negative impact on the acoustics. After thorough research they selected a FabricAir solution.
Through their contractor, Eneko Air Distributi-on and Heat Economy Systems, we delivered a custom solution for cooling and heating.
The system was designed to blend stylishly in to the ceiling , while providing a comfortable even air flow in the occupant zone.
The solution consisted of Combi 20 fabric, with MeshFlow™ and NozzFlow™ suspended via Type 8 All-In-One to ensure an aesthetic look with and without air on the system.
The end result is an air dispersion system that looks stylish while providing comfortable, efficient, draft-free heating and cooling with-out straining the structural integrity of the building.
FabricAir designed the perfect flow models for our place. Since we started using our air distribution system, we have had no problems. We feel that the FabricAir products increase the air comfort of the place, and blend beautifully into the structure.” says Hasan KARABİN , Chief Mechanic of İzmir Arena